The Entrepreneurial Gap Analysis©

To begin, we need to learn a little bit about you so that we can understand what you're trying to accomplish.

This will help us to get a better understanding of who you are so that we can envision your entrepreneurial path.


The next section has only 7 multiple choice questions, 3 short response questions, and 1 free form question. SO DON'T WORRY! This won't take long but we need to cover all bases to ensure we give you the most accurate, actionable advice possible.

Your responses are strictly confidential so don't be afraid to share openly!

You may write as much or as little as you like. Just remember that the more you share, the better your feedback will be.

MOBILE TIP: If you are on your cell phone, you can use the voice command option and just speak. Don't worry about grammar—we will figure it out! :-)
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QUESTION: Tell us some basic things about yourself AND what you would like to accomplish with your business venture (i.e. create passive income, sell it, go public, franchise it, pass it on to your family, run it yourself and enjoy it, or something else).
Examples of basics are the town you live in, your career history, why you decided to become an entrepreneur, what your passions are, what your core values are, your education level, and/or your family history. *
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