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Thank you for contacting me. Please complete this form that explains the services you require. We will get back to you promptly. Please be advised there may be a 1 to 6-week wait depending on your needs and availabilities. The wait may be longer for Assessments. We look at all requests.

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Therapy is a two way street. The psychologist's role is to offer guidance, strategies, support, and a non-judgmental and safe environment to open up and be vulnerable. Without question, if you want to see a transformation, therapy requires an investment of time, money and effort. It is not a quick fix. What are YOU prepared to do to change your situation? *
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🍃 I would like to thank you for taking the time to complete this form. We will get back to you within a few business days. Please be patient as we have many referrals to attend to. 🍃You can find my online programs here : http://www.womenofclarity.com/
Dr Gina Madrigrano, C.Psych. (CPO #3705)
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