Fringe Volunteers - O'ahu Fringe Festival
It's that Fringey time of the year again and we are looking for super fantastic people to help us out!

There are a number of ways we've listed below that you can volunteer; but please don't limit yourself to those --if you want to help out in other areas please share your ideas with us. Simply provide us with your details below and we'll be in touch.

We need people in:

Production - get ready to muck in and help with anything at our Fringe Venue(s) or other related matters.
Promotion – be our mobile team handing out promo materials, taking pictures for social media and spreading the word.
Front-of-House – assist with FOH, ushering duties and general support.

Thank you. And yes, you'll have opportunities to see shows and BEST OF ALL we'll be your friend for life!


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Please nominate someone that Fringe can call in case of an emergency. Also note your relationship.
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Please tick as many as you like, it will help us with your placement.
Other skills you think may be helpful for us, such as accounting, stage hand, tech, grant writer, fundraiser go to person, box office, lawyer, publicity, artist, graphic/web designer, first aid, CPR, languages, etc.. *
Let us know. If could be very helpful.
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Please note that you must be able to commit to a minimum of one night or more. Shows starts at 6pm and the evening will end after 1130pm. Your call time will be 5pm.
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This is not required, but we would appreciate it if you can. You must have a clean and comfortable vehicle to use.
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By ticking the ‘I Agree’ box below on your online application form, you confirm that: 

- You understand that O'ahu Fringe may make changes to these TERMS to better serve you and the Fringe.
- You give Oʻahu Fringe Festival permission to take pictures of you during your volunteer time and in other Fringe related activities for promotional purposes.
- You will do everything required of you in good conduct for the benefit of all, to help O’ahu Fringe Festival.
- You will not break any law.
- You will not hold O’ahu Fringe Festival liable for anything.
- As a volunteer, you are representing the O'ahu Fringe festival, please know that you are being given this volunteer position in good faith - do us proud in all that you do.
- You are in Hawai’i, please enjoy your time here responsibly and you’ll be fine.
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Many thanks for volunteering your time. We cannot truly do this without your kind generosity. Mahalo.
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