2nd Term Review - 4th ESO
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1.- If you wear your glasses, your vision...
2.- The fish will die if you ... it too much food.
3.- Unless we protect the environment, the world... in danger.
4.- If I could be invisible for a day, I... on my older sister.
5.- I would paint landscapes if I ... an artist.
6.- If Mr Dull´s lessons were more interesting, students ... in them.
7.- I .. this painting if the artist had used cheerful colours.
8.- If you hand´t tried to touch the monkey, it ... you.
9.- Some pets ... by their owners when they go on holiday.
10.- Our dog ... for a walk in the park every day.
11.- My invention ... at the exhibition tomorrow.
12.- The telephone ... in 1875.
13.- Luckily, our house ... in the flood.
14.- When ... Van Gogh´s Sunflowers ...?
15.- I promise that you ... next month.
16.- John isn´t a good student, so he probably ... at this university.
17.- ... you ... to the party?
18.- "A robber is breaking into my house!" Julie told the telephone operator = Julie told the telephone operator that a robber ... into her house.
19.- "I went to the new Dalí exhibition yesterday", Mark said = Mark said that he ... to the new Dalí exhibition the day before.
20.- "We will join the Nature Society soon", said Mr and Mrs Brown= Mr and Mrs Brown said that they ... the Nature Society soon.
21.- "Poisonous snakes can kill a man", said John = John said that poisonous snakes ... a man.
22.- "Every voluteer must work at least one day a week", Kim told Peter = Kim told Peter that every volunteer... work at least one day a week
23.- "It´s raining in London today", John said = John said that it was raining in London ...
24.- "I love these clay sculptures" the customer said = The customer said that she loved ... clay sculptures.
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