City of Gainesville Fiber Data Response Form
City of Gainesville Fiber Optics Speed Test
The City of Gainesville is undertaking a fiber feasibility study to determine if there is a way to build and operate a fiber optic network to bring gigabit broadband to residents of the area. The potential services would provide residents and businesses with super-fast internet access.

As part of the broadband feasibility study, we are asking residents to take a speed test so that we can understand the actual data speeds being delivered by broadband products in the area.

Please only complete one of these response forms per household.

On a desktop computer, please proceed to in order to take the test. Click the "Go!" button (or "Begin Test," depending upon which internet browser you use) and wait for the results.

On a mobile device, please proceed to and follow the appropriate link to install the free Ookla application on your device in order to take the test. Make sure you are connected to your home or business WiFi and then use the application to take the test. Once the test is complete the application is easily deleted from your device if you choose. Ookla is the leading speed test site and is our site of choice, however if you are uncomfortable with downloading an app you can also take the speed test at:

We suggest taking a speed test from a site other than that provided by your internet service provider (ISP). Sometimes speed test results from ISP sites measure what is possible on their network versus actual speeds on the open Internet so they are sometimes less accurate.

Please enter your PING result which will show ‘ms’, or milliseconds. This tells us how much delay is in your current internet connection. Please enter a number only.
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Please enter the DOWNLOAD speed result which will be expressed in Mbps (megabits per second). Please enter a number only.
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Please enter your UPLOAD speed result which will also be expressed as Mbps. Please enter a number only.
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Who is your current ISP (Internet Service Provider - the company that sells you Internet access?)
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Please tell us what DOWNLOAD speed you think you are currently buying from your current ISP:
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If you know, what are you paying per month for your Internet connection?
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