Dakota Ridge LOT B (Foothills Lot) Parking Application 2022-2023
By filling out this electronic form, I (student named below) agree to the terms and responsibilities stated below.

--I understand that the parking lot is the property of Jefferson County Public Schools R-1. I agree that the vehicles listed on this form, primarily driven by the student whose name is listed below, will not be used to transport or store illegal items on school property. In addition, I agree that the vehicles listed, or any vehicle registered to this household, will not use the school parking lot to violate a criminal code or school rules.

--In exchange for the privilege of parking on school property, I give school officials and/or school security personnel consent to search the vehicles listed below, or any vehicle registered to this household, as well as the vehicle’s contents when it is parked on school property.

--I authorize school officials and/or school security personnel to seize any item that violates a criminal law or school rules or provides evidence of a criminal law or school rule violation.

--I understand that my hang tag may be confiscated in the event of an actual or suspected violation of school rules, or for false /lapsed information provided on this form, and that I must willingly surrender it and meet with an administrator to discuss the violation.

--I understand that violations of these rules and/or the site-based rules at the end of this form can lead to suspension and/or revocation of my parking privileges, fines, referral to law enforcement authorities and/or school disciplinary actions.

--I understand that all information I give will be accurate and be kept up to date this school year.

1. All vehicles driven to school must be registered with the Campus Supervisors and display an original, current school year parking permit on the rearview mirror so that it is in plain view.  Failure to register a vehicle parked on school grounds will result in a parking ticket along with a fine.
2. Speed limit on school grounds is 10 MPH. The vehicle must be operated in a safe and legal manner at all times.
3. School parking permits are valid from 7:00am to 3:00pm and are limited to the spaces delegated to students.
4. Students are not allowed to park at any time in any reserved spaces, visitor spaces, or otherwise off-limits spaces.
5. Students are not allowed to loiter in the parking lots or vehicles before, during, or after school hours.
6. Parking in fire lanes, no parking zones, and/or restricted is prohibited.
7. Violations of rules and expectations may lead to fines, parking boot, or towing as well as law enforcement involvement and school disciplinary consequences.
8. The parking permit MUST always be displayed and readily visible.
9. Only students with off-campus privileges may leave campus during lunch. Those cars transporting students without off-campus privileges are subject to a loss of parking permit, a loss of off-campus privileges, and possible disciplinary action.

Loitering in or around cars
Careless parking, including parking in non-designated areas
Parking without a visibly displayed main lot permit
Parking a non-registered vehicle or vehicle whose registration has expired on school grounds
Parking in fire lanes, the “loop”, or in any area designated “no parking.”
Parking in a handicapped space without a legal handicap designation (license plate, sticker or tag) visibly displayed.
Parking in visitors’ parking spaces
Parking in areas not open to students (including staff and restricted lots, etc.)
Altering, falsifying, transferring without permission a parking tag
Operating a vehicle in a dangerous or reckless manner on school grounds or in the immediate neighborhood.

DRHS Discipline Matrix
Parking violations
First ticket - $15
Second ticket - $30
Third ticket (and each ticket thereafter) - $65 and In-school suspension (ISS)

Note:  Your student must have their license already to complete this application and receive a parking permit.
Note:  Permits are first-come, first-serve.
Note:  Students are only given one pass, even if multiple vehicles are listed.  The pass must move from vehicle to vehicle; it is the student's responsibility to make sure it is hanging in their registered vehicle driven each day.  Replacement passes are $3.00.
Note:  All tickets are final and non-negotiable.

Jefferson County Public Schools and Dakota Ridge High School assume no responsibility for any damage to vehicles parked on school property or the loss of any articles contained therein. Failure to comply with with the terms of this agreement can result in the revocation of parking privileges without refund, disciplinary consequences, or referral to police.

Upon successful completion of this form, the student must stop by the Attendance Window with their ID to obtain their parking permit.

Students and parents must complete this form at the same time together.

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Again, upon successful submission of this form, the student must stop by the Attendance Window with their ID to obtain their parking pass.
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