Career Research Supplement #1 - June
Complete this assignment by June 30 as part of the UB Summer Program 2020
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For June, we will be researching careers in education and helping professions. Visit and choose two of the following careers to research: Clinical Psychologist, Social Worker, Teacher, or Therapist.
Which did you choose to research first? *
In your own words, describe this profession (credit will not be given for copying and pasting from website for any of this assignment). *
What is the salary like for this profession? Is it a growing field in the state you would like to live in? *
What degree(s) are needed for this career? Discuss the process a student must go through in order to get a job and work in this field. *
Are there different concentrations or levels in this career field? Talk about several of them. *
What skills are needed to be successful in this career? Do you have these skills? Do you think you would enjoy this career? Why or why not? *
What is the second career you chose to research? *
In your own words, describe this profession. *
What is the salary range for this career in WV? *
What are the steps a person needs to take in order to work in this career? *
Are there different concentrations in this career field? Name a few. *
What skills are helpful for this career? Are you interested in possibly working in this career or a related one? *
Curious to learn more about all of the options in the mental health/counseling field? Check out this video!
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