Topanga Elementary Partial-Week Spanish After-School Interest Check
We've had a number of Topanga parents express their interest in a partial-week Spanish program. The information we gather from this survey will help us to finalize new program options in addition to our full-week program. Please fill this form out ONCE PER CHILD if you're interested! Please direct your questions to or 818-392-4826
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Is your child currently registered in Kallpachay's Full-Week After-School Spanish program at Topanga Elementary? *
If you answered "Yes" to the previous question, would you want to switch into a partial-week after-school Spanish program if we offer it? *
What is the maximum number of days you want to sign your child up for after-school Spanish with Kallpachay? (Note: All programs will run from dismissal to 6pm) *
On which days is your child available for after-school Spanish? (not to be confused with which days are *ideal*, which will be covered in the next question) *
What is your preferred schedule for your child's attendance in after-school Spanish? (Note: All programs will run from dismissal to 6pm) *
Select all that apply. When enrolled in our programs you can pick-up your child at any time.
If you are unable to get your custom schedule outlined above, would you be willing to register instead for a M/W/F or T/Th option? (Note: All programs will run from dismissal to 6pm) *
What level do you consider your child to be? *
Choose from the choices below, keep in mind that you may provide further explanation in the notes section below.
If you have any comments or notes for us, please include them here!
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