School Climate Survey
The Board of Trustees is currently seeking feedback on our current strategic direction and implementation of the NZ Curriculum. As part of the exercise the school is seeking input from parents and caregivers of students at the school. Please help by filling in the attached questionnaire and returning it to the school by the Friday 28th February 2020.The feedback you provide will be used to assist the Board with its decision-making and future planning. We would like to get feedback from all parents/caregivers. The Board can be about making the best decisions. One copy of the questionnaire per student has been provided for completion.

Many thanks

Chapel Downs Board of Trustees
Please tick your child's house group below. Each completed survey will 20 house points
Thinking about the current performance of Chapel Downs School, to what extent do you agree or disagree with the following? Please tick the box of the answer that applies.
Strongly disagree
Strongly Agree
The digital learning environment is enhancing student achievement
The Principal is approachable, proactive and supportive
Children are helped to develop self management skills
The school office staff are helpful and provide good service
Students at Chapel Downs School are well behaved and respectful to adults
The Deputy Principals are approachable, proactive and supportive
Student success is recognised and celebrated
Chapel Downs has a warm inviting atmosphere
The standard of teaching and learning in the school is high
I feel a strong learning partnership has been formed with my child's teacher
My child's classroom is a stimulating place
The school provides a wide variety of curricular/extra curricular learning opportunities
My children understand the school dispositions
Our school demands high standards of student behaviour
The school grounds are tidy and presentable
The school provides a safe and secure environment
The individual learning needs of my child are being met
Our school is well equipped for student learning
My child's teacher is available and welcoming
The Board of Trustees is effectively managing the school
If you have further comment or suggestions on any of the above aspects, please tell us below.
Your answer
Thinking about the emphasis that Chapel Downs School places on different aspects of learning, which aspects in the list below are the 16 most important to you?Please rank them in order, where 1=most important, 2=second most important and so on, until 13 have been ranked in order.
Integrated Curriculum (Social Studies ,Science, History)
Social Skills
Inquiry skills (asking questions, researching presenting)
Literacy (reading and writing)
Chapel Downs Dispositions (Communicator, investigator, self manager, team player, perseverance)
Using Technology to support learning
Arts (visual art, music, dance)
Physical education
Te Reo (Maori language)
Thinking about how well Chapel Downs School caters for the diverse range of students that attend the school, to what extent do you agree or disagree with the way we cater for the following?
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
Students of high academic ability
Students with learning difficulties
Students with strength in the arts (art, music, dance and drama)
Students with strength in technology
Students from different cultures
Providing opportunities for and encouraging students with leadership potential
A good transition into intermediate school from primary school
Good transition for entry to Chapel Downs
Students with special needs
Students with behaviour difficulties
Any additional thoughts on catering for the diverse range of students:
Your answer
Do your children have access to the internet at home
If yes -What devices do your children use to access the internet?
School Communications
Schools communicate with parents/caregivers in a number of ways. How effectively does Chapel Downs School use each of the following to keep you informed?
Not effectively
Very Effective
School Digital Newsletter
Meet the teacher/Meet the Whanau evening
Open Morning e.g Maths and Reading open mornings
Informal conversation with staff
Chapel Downs Facebook page
School website
Any additional thoughts on effective school communication:
Your answer
Student achievement is assessed in a variety of ways and parents need to be kept informed about their child’s progress and achievement. Thinking about the formal school-wide processes for reporting to parents, how useful do you find each of the following?
Not Useful
Very useful
Parent Teacher Interviews
Mid Year written report
End of year written report
Any additional thoughts on reporting on student achievement:
Your answer
Overall, how well informed do you feel about your child’s achievement and progress?
We value the support and involvement of parents/caregivers in school wide events and are constantly looking for opportunities to enhance our community partnership. Which events have enhanced this partnership for you?
Strongly disagree
Strongly Agree
Whole School Assemblies
Cultural Festival
Sports events e.g. tabloids, athletics
Music Show Case or Choir Performances
Pacific Island and Kapa Haka Groups
School Trips
The main strengths of the Chapel Downs School are:
Your answer
What recommendations for improvements would you suggest? (If any)
Your answer
Thanks you for taking time to answer this survey. We appreciate your feedback.
Please return to Chapel Downs School by Friday 28 February 2020. You can either completed the survey online or in hard copy and leave at reception or hand to the student’s classroom teacher. All responses will be treated in the strictest confidence.
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