The Plant 2022-2023 Editorial Staff Applications
Welcome to the Plant's Fall 2022 Applications! If you are interested in joining our team for the upcoming semesters, please fill out the form below :) Please keep in mind that to apply you MUST be a Dawson College student who will be in attendance during the Fall 2022 semester. The Plant is a non-profit student paper therefore all the positions are unpaid. If you are passionate about journalism, writing, and art please apply!

Please be sure to respect the word count.


SECTION EDITOR: As an editor, your responsibilities include gathering contributions to the paper, copy-editing articles, and submitting your own written work when relevant. The Plant is published monthly in print form and online weekly through You will curate the section of the newspaper that you are responsible for alongside others who are working hard to make a wonderful newspaper. Please view the following open sections:

- NEWS: The News section focuses on Dawson-related news first, but also accepts articles highlighting Montreal as well as world news. These articles should be fact-based, and often include quotes from experts. Give a fair and objective account; opinions are more commonly featured in the Voices section.

- ARTS & CULTURE: The A&C section explores our consumption of culture.  We welcome thinkpieces on cultural trends, reviews of art of any medium, and interviews with local artists, among other things.

- VOICES: The Voices section focuses on articles shedding light about different perspectives or experiences. This is the section to contribute to when you have an opinion about something.

- CREATIVE WRITING: The Creative Writing section curates poetry and (very short) stories from Dawson students.

- VISUAL ARTS: The Visual Arts editor collects and curates the visual arts submissions, which includes photographs, paintings, illustrations, and any other visual arts submissions. This section editor is also in charge of creating and designing the monthly playlist for the issue.

- The SCIENCE & ENVIRONMENT section focuses on informative articles about all kinds of science as well as sustainable living and environmental problems.

- The SPORTS section focuses on extramural Dawson activities as well as different happenings in the broader world of sports and physical education.

- CURIOSITIES EDITOR: The Curiosities Editor is in charge of curating the monthly curiosities section which includes cartoons, horoscopes, and a variety of other activities for readers such as sudokus, crosswords and quizzes.

STAFF WRITERS: Will be expected to contribute to The Plant once a month and take on stories that are suggested to them by the editorial staff. They are not part of the editorial staff and are not involved in the decision making towards the published content. They are invited, but not required, to attend meetings. This position shall be held for only one semester but a staff writer can re-apply or be kept by the Editor-in-Chief.

SOCAL MEDIA MANAGER: Shall be in charge of The Plant’s publicity. They will organize putting up posters advertising The Plant, handle The Plant’s social media accounts and come up with new ideas to extend the paper’s reach and increase audience. They will also work closely with the Dawson Student Unions and clubs to promote upcoming events.


Being a member of The Plant requires a significant investment of time and energy, but it is incredibly rewarding.

Note: It is possible to apply for multiple positions with 1 application submission. Please specify your preference, and make sure to explain why you are interested in each position. You may also be asked to meet for an interview if need be.

If you have any questions, email

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