Summer Research 2017 - UC Davis Department of Mathematics
Summer undergraduate research positions provide a unique opportunity to join an active research
group in the department and work on a project. In some cases this may lead to employment as an
Undergraduate Research Assistant during the academic year and/or the following summer.
Every year there are a limited number of paid summer research positions. Please note that if you
are planning to do a senior thesis, the optimal time to start is the summer after your sophomore or
junior year.

Please note that this is not a traditional job application. The information you provide is used to match interested students with faculty mentors. If a faculty member is interested in working with you based on the information you provide, they will contact you directly.

The Department of Mathematics will begin reviewing applications after April 7. You may submit an application after that date, but there may be fewer research positions available.

(1) Spend some time looking at the Math Department's faculty profiles to identify faculty whose area of research match your interests. You can find math faculty profiles here:

You can also look at faculty in the Graduate Group in Applied Math (GGAM):

(2) Think about WHY you are interested in doing research. Did you really enjoy one of your upper division courses, and now you want to explore that topic more deeply? Being able to articulate your specific interests will make your application much stronger than simply saying "I want to do any kind of research."

(3) Show our faculty that you have put time and thought into your application. This will demonstrate that you are serious about doing undergraduate research.

(4) Feel free to contact faculty directly, in addition to submitting your interest here.

(5) All students are welcome to apply for summer research positions, though you are most likely to be selected if you have successfully completed some more advanced (upper division) math courses. If you are a first or second year and aren't matched with a faculty member this year, try again next year after taking more math classes!

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When are you available for summer research?
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List any faculty members whose research interests you. Specify here if you have already arranged to work with a particular professor. You can add more details in the Applicant Statement (below).
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Name and contact information (phone number or email) of a person who could be used as a reference (e.g. faculty member, research mentor, high school teacher):
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There are a limited number of opportunities for employment:
Are you a US citizen or permanent resident?
Provide a statement to detail your research interests, motivation, past experience, and goals. Identify particular areas of math/applied math that interest you as well as other fields in which UC Davis Mathematics faculty conduct research, such as biology, physics,geophysics, etc. Identify any professors whose research areas are of particular interest to you, specify your motivation to work in those areas, and list any skills that you would bring to the project.Please list your programming skills, the programming languages you know, what classes you have taken that involve programming, e.g. MAT167, MAT 128ABC, ENG 6, ECS 30/40, etc. Provide any information that you think would be relevant. Please keep your statement under one page.
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