BIOPC Scholarship Application
I hereby certify by submitting this application that:

All my answers are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
I am a female and a current Active Member of Fermenta.
I have read the Qualifications & Requirements for Fermenta Scholarship Opportunities.
Should I be granted a scholarship, I agree to provide feedback of the experience to Fermenta, and give Fermenta the right to publish such report and my photograph.
I understand that incomplete and/or late applications will not be considered.

Qualifications & Requirements:

You must be female and a current Fermenta member (Active Member).
Applications must be received by the deadline listed.
Only one application per member per opportunity will be accepted.
Members may only win once per 12 month period.
Scholarships not used within 12 months of receipt will be forfeit.
Recipients must provide feedback of the experience to Fermenta in the form of a written report, online blog, photo album, in-person presentation, or other mutually agreed upon format.
Rights to publish such report and photographs of the winner are granted to Fermenta.

Incomplete and/or late applications will not be considered. Scholarships are only open to female Fermenta members who are Active Members. Otherwise, age, race, financial need, and nonreceipt of a Fermenta scholarship opportunity are not conditions of eligibility for any award. Fermenta Executive Board members and Fermenta Scholarship Committee members are ineligible.
$200 in The Bertie Brown Scholarship Funds are intended to help with the costs of conferences, classes, or continued education for BIPOC women in the Fermentation Industry. (Black, Indigenous and People of Color). Do you wish to apply? *
Are you an Active Member with Fermenta? *
If you are not an Associate or Professional Fermenta member, you are ineligible to apply for a Fermenta scholarship. To become a member, please visit and click on Join Us.
Why did you select this opportunity? *
This is a continuing education opportunity. What are your experiences so far in this area? (1000 characters or less. Please leave out the names of your employers so the scholarship applications are anonymous.)
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What benefits do you expect to gain from this opportunity? (1000 characters or less) *
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What goals (3 to 5 years) do you have in the fermentation industry? (1000 characters or less) *
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