Going, Going, Gone With the Breeze -2018 Spring Musical Registration Form
I am thrilled that your child is interested in trying out for our Spring Musical! This form registers your child for auditions. After auditions, final casting will be announced.

More information, including a rehearsal schedule, is available on our website www.dccfinearts.com. You must submit a rehearsal schedule form in order for your child to be considered for casting.

Student First Name *
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Parent/ Guardian Name
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My child will be able to attend the auditions on March 13th and 14th from 3:15-4:30
If needed, my child would be able to attend the call-backs on March 15th, if requested.
Is your child willing to accept any role?
How many lines and solos can you and your child commit to memorizing for this show?
Please list theatrical, dance, musical, leadership, and gymnastic experience your child has.
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I would love to volunteer with the following items:
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Are you aware that your child will need to turn in a schedule conflict worksheet by 4:30 on March 15th in order to be cast. *
This worksheet can be downloaded from the music website.
Are you aware that participation in the show costs $60 and that parents will be required to provide jazz shoes and some undergarments? *
Payment is not due until after casting is announced. Jazz shoes may be ordered through the school. Scholarships are available.
Thank you for filling out this form! Your child is now registered for auditions! Please use this space to tell me anything else you'd like me to know!
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