THE MEMORY OF FISH: Screening Application
Before filling out this form, you will need your event details finalized and your funds secured to purchase the film's copyright permissions.

All public screenings of The Memory of Fish, which means any screening outside of a home setting, require the purchase of the film's Public Performance Rights. The fee is $150 per screening. Obtaining this kind of license grants you permission to screen the film for a public audience at the date-time-location you specify in this screening application. You're welcome to pick any date-venue-audience for your event. You're also welcome to charge admission or use your event to raise money for an organization/cause.

Upon submitting this application, you will receive an email confirmation that includes payment details to secure the viewing rights.

Upon your application's approval and receipt of payment, you will receive the film's digital streaming link to play at your event. Please note that you must have internet access at your venue to show the film.

If you have any questions about screening The Memory of Fish, please contact Jennifer Galvin at

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