Women's long distance bike camp, Peak District, 27 -29 March
Bursaries available https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfjsob0TqfHx-K1MVnAEiI8Vw-jh1b05H4fg-Z7lUP3CCOhIw/viewform?usp=sf_link

A weekend together at Hagg Farm Outdoor Centre.

In order for me to manage numbers and make a booking please note that filling out this form a confirmation of attendance. Payment details will be sent once numbers and costs are confirmed.

Basic premise
There will be bike riding, talking about bikes. This is not an organised training weekend but more of an attempt to bring the online women's long distance community together. I'll happily plan some routes and self organisation is encouraged. The Peak District is great for on and off-road riding, bring whichever bike you want! I'll set up a whatsapp and some spreadsheets so that we can scheme. All personal info will be deleted after the weekend!

Arrive after work on Friday (or take Friday off and ride up!), ride Saturday day, workshop and dinner Saturday evening, shorter ride Sunday before heading home.

Location https://www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/nottsoutdoors/schools-and-groups/centres/hagg-farm

Bamford, Hope, Hathersage and Edale are nearby train stations. For carpooling see below.

There are two options based on numbers, the main centre which sleeps 44 or the 'John Hunt Base' which sleeps 18. They are both available for the dates so we can book either depending on numbers.

Cost guide (accommodation only)
Main centre £48 per person for 2 nights (£600 for 25 people minimum £24.00 per additional person per night)
John Hunt Base £33.34 per person (£300.00 per night , 18 people)

The plan would be to get a supermarket delivery sent ahead for meals and ride snacks and I'll come up with some sort of cooking/cleaning schedule. Please indicate preference for communal task. Or if you know someone who might be willing to help out with catering in return for some cash/love/kudos. I'll try and keep this as cheap as possible to keep overall cost under £100 for the weekend.

Alcohol - do we want alcohol?

It isn't all about riding a bike. I'd had a few people volunteer to give workshops. On the go mechanics etc. Please indicate anything you'd like to learn about or anything you'd like to teach.
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Carpool? From where? Are you a passenger or driver - please indicate the number of passengers (humans and bikes) you can take.
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Communal living. Preference for tasks or hidden talent for one pot mass catering?
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Dietary requirements
Everything will be veggie by default. If enough vegans might even be vegan by default oo er!
Booze? yes no and what is your preference for wine/beer/G&T etc
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What would you like to learn about or perhaps you have some knowledge you'd like to share.
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