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Tech4Eva is no longer accepting applications from start-ups for the 2021 Program from April-December. All applications that were received before March 31st will be reviewed by the selection committee and you will hear back from us by mid-April whether you have been selected or not. We would love to have you part of our community - join us for the kickoff event on April 21st, 13pm CET: 

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All start-ups or projects developing innovative solutions to foster women's health are welcome to apply to this program. Priority will be given to those start-ups that:

- Are tech driven.
- Demonstrate growth potential and traction to customers.
- Have a product / service that is ready to be commercialized.
- Are looking for international development and further fundraising.
- Are in the field of Femtech: Pregnancy & post-partum – wellness – period health – fertility & infertility – menopause – mental health – family life - prevention - treatment - care
- Have a strong team.
- Are committed to attend diligently all the program activities (1-2 senior team members).
- Have a female and/or male founders.

ELIGIBLE Innovation Project
The program will also accept a limited number of promising start-up projects in Femtech that have not yet incorporated or innovation project team from corporates,  as associated members of the program, where business training and mentorship will be offered.


The content of this application form will be exclusively used internally by the selection committee.
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