Vendor intake Form - Banff Canada Day Market 2019
This is the form with which one can apply to be a vendor at Canada Day Market in Banff, July 1 2019.

Preference will be given to vendors who:

-Have a positive compliance history with operating at previous markets in Banff
-Conform to a "Make it, Bake it, Grow it" in regards to The Festival and Special Event Policy C5001
-Are self-contained (no external power requirements, provide own tent with weights, tables etc)
-Generate minimal waste/waste is comprised of compose and biodegradable products.

There is room for up to forty 10'x10' tents and up to four 25' long food trucks.

Market Hours are 10 a.m.- 7 p.m., located in the Banff Park Museum Parking lot.


Freedom of Information and Privacy:
Personal information gathered in this application is being collected under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act, Section 33c, and will be used for the purpose of operating the Banff Canada Day Market in 2019.

If there are any inquiries as to why this information is being collected please direct them to:

Eamonn Reil
Visitor Event Specialist
Town of Banff
PO Box 1260
Banff Alberta T1L 1C1

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