Human-Centered Design (HCD)
HCD is a type of Design Thinking that positions the student at the center of the thinking and doing in problem finding and solving. in this activity, you will prepare to make a Mask for COVID-19. Use this survey to "pre-plan" for the zoom session. In the zoom session, you will create a mask using HCD.

The materials for this activity are posted on the SMILE workshop website available here.

The lesson plan and student packets are there. They are available in Spanish and English, and they are a tool that prompts students to use design thinking and to apply it to any invention activity
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Make a Mask
Human-Centered Design (HCD) process
1. Empathy - If you were to make a mask to protect against COVID-19, who would it be for? *
Imagine the person you are making a mask for (or ask them if you can) and rank their needs/wants in a mask: *
Ease of taking on an off
Quality Material
Comfortable to wear
First (most wanted quality)
Sixth (least wanted quality)
2. Define - What is the Problem your mask is trying to address?
Read the attached Wired magazine article. Why is making your own mask important to society right now? What is the "problem" you are trying to address for your user and how does it relate to the "bigger issue"? *
3. Prototyping - Watch the Video Below and take notes on what materials you have around your house that you could use to make a mask.
Does it have to be the mask Dr. Jeromoe Adams made? NO. Make the mask the user wants. List all the materials you have in your house that you "could use" to make a mask that way the user wants. *
Bring your mask making supplies to the HCD Make a Mask Session!!!! We will be having a timed making challenge! (Hit Submit Below!)
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