Mill Creek Jr. Hawk Wrestling Registration Form 2018-19 (K-5)
This form is for all interested student-athletes that want to compete for the Mill Creek Jr. Hawk wrestling team. This team is for students in grades k-5 and must attend a Mill Creek cluster elementary school. Please fill out to the best of your knowledge as information will be used to order gear packages and for communication to parents.
Wrestler Information
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How many years of wrestling experience does your child have? *
Wrestler's tee shirt size (please be accurate as you will not be able to change this later) *
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Parent Info
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Practice is held in the wrestling room at MCHS. Click below to acknowledge the Jr. Hawks practice time. *
The first day of practice is Tuesday, November 13th. I will see you on that day! *
I understand that my wrestler will need wrestling shoes and headgear before the first tournament. These can be found online or at some local sporting good stores. *
USA Wrestling Cards
A USA Wrestling membership card is required for all youth wrestlers in Georgia BEFORE THEY CAN PRACTICE OR COMPETE IN ANY TOURNAMENT. I have already purchased/renewed MY WRESTLER'S USA Wrestling card at . (PLEASE DO THIS BEFORE SUBMITTING THIS FORM). Membership is valid Sept 1-Aug 31 annually. My CHILD'S USA Card # is __________ *
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Wrestlers who have 0-2 years of previous wrestling experience are eligible to compete in BEGINNER'S TOURNAMENTS. These tournaments take place on Sundays, typically starting at 2pm. They require an additional entry fee of $15 per tournament (paid online the week of the tournament). While we strongly encourage your wrestler to compete, it is not required. It is up to you to decide when, and how often you want to attend these tournaments. Do you anticipate your wrestler competing in BEGINNERS tournaments?
Wrestlers who have 3+ years of previous experience are only able to compete in OPEN (non-beginners) TOURNAMENTS. These tournaments take place on Saturdays. The registration process is the same as Open tournaments. Do you anticipate your wrestler competing in OPEN tournaments? *
Mill Creek will be hosting a Beginners (Novice) Tournament on Sunday, January 13th. We must provide a hospitality room to feed all attending coaches and officials *
Bonus: This tournament is free to Mill Creek wrestlers (No registration fee required!) Just bring an amazing dish.
In order to provide enough support and coaching to our wrestlers on the mat, we need as many parents to come to the tournaments as possible and help coach kids (several of our wrestlers may be wrestling on different mats at the same time). Would you be willing to attend and help coach the kids at a few of the tournaments that your child is attending? We will hold a scheduling meeting in November for all those who indicate "yes". *
If you answered "yes" to the answer above, we would like to provide you with a complimentary Mill Creek Wrestling shirt. Please indicate your preferred size. *
I understand that there are several different fees associated with registering for the Mill Creek Jr. Hawk Wrestling Team *
I understand that by registering my child for the Osborne Middle School Wrestling team, we are making a commitment to attend practice consistently and to finish the season before moving on to another sport/activity. *
Thank you for being apart of our team! Do you have any questions that need answered by our staff?
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