Curio Draco Sketch Page Commissions Form
Greetings, and thank you for your interest in my work!

• Sketch Page commissions are done at $20/hour ($25/hour for NSFW), to a maximum of 4 hours, limited to one character.
••I can generally complete 2-4 of these sketches within an hour, depending on the details of a character's design.
• Style may vary slightly between figures, but will generally be completed in somewhat chibi or toony variations.
• Single character.
• You provide keywords and theme ideas and I'll handle the rest.
• You are welcome to ask about completing any of the sketches (for icons, telegram stickers, speedpaint, etc) any time. Cost will vary depending on how you want it finished.
• Other important information will be covered in my TOS

Completing the information in this form is immensely helpful for me and I appreciate the time you take to provide these details. None of the information you share with me will be shared with others, or used for any other purpose.

Please take a moment to look over my TOS
If you have any questions or concerns about how I work or what to expect, it's likely to have already been addressed there!

My queue can be found here

I will contact you within 24-48 business hours with confirmation and directions for payment!
Preferred name you go by. This will be used on the queue and for credit if/when the art is posted online.
Email and/or Telegram Contact
For business contact only. This is where I'll contact with any questions about your work, WIPs and dropbox links to your finished work.
Payment Email
The Email associated with your payment account.
$ to be paid
The amount you'd like to spend on the work.
Character and Illustration Details
Character Name
Reference Images
Please provide links to reference images that may exist. If no links are available, you may email them to me at NSFW refs are acceptable. RP or lengthy text descriptions are not. If you only have text, please be concise and straightforward in the details. (A list of details is preferred over a role play paragraph with details sprinkled in)
Keywords, Personality Traits, Mood, Expression, Themes
List as many words as you like. List as many as you can think of to describe your character and anything you'd like to see them doing. I'll use them to pick poses. Please note: I may not use ALL of the words listed, but having a decent pool to pick from will help my ability to illustrate a wider range of poses and expressions that should accurately reflect your character.
Everything Else
Ownership of character
If you are getting this commission of someone else's character as a gift, I reserve the right to follow up with them about it at a later date.
Clear selection
Clear selection
Anything else?
Use this space to include any details not specifically asked for which may be relevant to your particular commission.
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I have read the TOS
If you have any questions or concerns about what to expect, PLEASE look over my TOS before asking! If there's something that hasn't already been addressed there, then you are more than welcome to contact me about it. But just check first please :3
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