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Medi-aesthetics treatments are clinically-proven by medical authorities to be safe and effective to regain your youthful skin and body comfortably and with no downtime. Knowing these benefits, would you choose to visit medi-aesthetics clinic than beauty salon to perfect your skin and body? *
What do you see as the difference between Medi-Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery? *
Why do you think people choose beauty/slimming salon over medi-aesthetics clinic when they have skin and body imperfections? *
How far will you go to the extent to ensure you look good? *
What make you choose to visit a particular beauty salon or medi-aesthetics clinic? Select those that apply? *
What is your preferred treatment duration per visit? *
As the saying goes “you get what you pay for”. Generally, highly effective treatments that give lasting results are more expensive than those that require more treatment sessions to achieve good results. Which option will you prefer? *
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