HILTED - Blogger Application
Thank you for your interest in blogging for HILTED. We are in search for a few adult bloggers who suit HILTED's style. Human, furry, male, female, and anything in between will be considered, but please no child avatars. We are in search of general product bloggers and event bloggers too.


HILTED is mainly an adult store based in Second Life. We create a variety of accessories, furniture, decoration, and just generally unusual and fun stuff! Please note before applying, there are adult products and sometimes a lot of them. If you prefer not to blog adult products that is OK! We ask for a minimum of 3 posts a month, you are able to just select PG products.


General rules for HILTED bloggers:

- You will be expected to make a minimum of 3 blog post per month. We understand that you can be busy with other project and real life, so we only ask for a minimum of 3. You are MORE than welcome to blog every item if you wish!

- HILTED item must be the focus of the post and not just hidden in the picture somewhere You are able to blog HILTED product with other brand products, as long as the HILTED product is visible.

- You can blog past items from HILTED, all you will need to do is send a notecard to Childofpreservex with the item you need. We are only able to send products to your blogging account. Please note, these do not apply to your monthly count.

- Crediting blog posts will require an event link and a main store link for when the event ends.

- All flickr post must be placed in the HILTED group.

- Blogotex is required.


If you are accepted, you will receive a HILTED Blogger package that will have any additional information you need as well as logos and goodies!

If you have any questions please contact: Childofpreservex Resident
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Are you willing to blog adult products? A lot of HILTED products are adult, you do not have to blog all adult products, but we prefer if you don't mind showing some skin! *
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Do you use Blogotex? We much prefer Blogotex because you have access to products easier. If you are successful, you will need to click the Blogotex link in store to join. *
Are you interested in getting more involved with HILTED? For example, in store photography, product photography, media partnership, affiliation for your sim/store. If you are interested in this, please contact Childofpreservex directly in world.
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Thank you for applying!
If you are successful, you will be contacted in world. Please do not contact us unless you have questions about the application or brand, we are extremely busy making new goodies for customers and we are not able to reply to everyone if you are unsuccessful in your application. Also, please note, you might not be accepted right away but placed on a waiting list and contacted in the future.
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