Maple Grove Raceway- Event Services Job Application
Join Our Event Services Team at Maple Grove Raceway! We are currently seeking reliable and responsible individuals for part-time positions. Please complete and submit the application if you are interested. Be sure to check your email upon submission for a copy of you application. We ask that if you receive an interview that you bring along a copy of your completed application.
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What Is Event Services?
The Event Services team is a crucial component to keeping Maple Grove Raceway events running smoothly. There are many situations that are unique and require good solid judgement as well as common sense decisions by our staff.

We seek responsible, reliable, motivated and patient individuals to fill our event services positions because many of them are interacting with our fans and racers. Customer relations is a big element involved with all of the duties required of event services personnel. Some duties include but are not limited to overnight security, event facility maintenance and parking assistance. Due to legal limitations we ask that applicants be 18 years of age or older. Also, we prefer that interested applicants live no more than an hour away from the track.

Due to the volume of applications submitted, please be patient for a reply as it takes time to process through and determine who would be a good fit for Maple Grove Raceway. Any additional questions can be directed to our Director of Event Services, John Clair by email at

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