Vancoufur 2020 Fursuit Dance Competition Application
Sign up here to participate in Vancoufur's 2020 Fursuit Dance Competition. Submissions close March 3, 2019. You will need to attend rehearsal to check in. **Be sure to read the music requirements!** If you have any questions or problems please email the dance competition coordinator at
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Do you need special light effects? *
If yes, please describe the simplest manner, the light effect you would like to achieve.
Examples: "just use red and orange light while I'm dancing" or "I want a big flash before I start and the spot on me when I'm done" ** Special light effect has to be submitted before or at rehearsal, not any later **
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Music Selection
Music for the Dance Competition can be provided in the following Audio Formats:
- CD
- CD with mp3* (mp3 has to be 128kbps, 44kHz at minimum)
- mp3 on a usb flash drive*
We reserve the right to refuse to play songs of poor audio quality or that are not in mp3 format.

***Music has to be submitted before or at rehearsal, not any later!***
If you have questions, please contact
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Note: Must be a minimum of 90 seconds and a maximum of 120 seconds
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How will you be providing your music? *
Sorry NO youtube
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