"The Best That Money Can't Buy" Translation Marathon - NDA

Thank you so much for your interest and involvement in Linguistic Team International's development of translations for The Venus Project's book "The Best That Money Can't Buy". Due to copyright issues pertaining to private works, it is required that all contributors agree to the terms below before participating with this important project:

1. All participation with "The Venus Project" (TVP) and "Linguistic Team International" (LTI) is made on a purely voluntary basis toward encouraging global understanding of TVP's global Resource-Based Economy approach. There is no monetary compensation offered or inferred.

2. Any and all materials made available to you must be kept fully confidential and cannot be distributed to anyone else without explicit written consent of "The Venus Project". There is no time limit on this restriction, since this book (including the translations we produce here) is one of the few non-free items that The Venus Project relies on to help financially support The Venus Project Research Center and the continuing growth of its outreach program. As a result, TVP will retain exclusive public and private distribution rights of all completed translations, which will then be solely used by TVP to offer translated versions of the book from its website and other global distribution systems of its choosing.

3. All efforts used in final, official translated productions of "The Best That Money Can't Buy" will receive credit as having been collaboratively created by "Linguistic Team International".

4. All volunteers are required to sign and return this Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreement before participating.

By electronically signing and submitting this document below, you are fully agreeing to all of the above terms.
Also be sure to read and follow the additional instructions on the next page to ensure that you are added to the project.

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