Redding Fire Festival Volunteer Sign Up
Event: Redding Fire Festival
Featured Performance: "Storybook"
Sponsored By: 11:Zen, KaBoom Kettle Korn, Megastar Financial
Event Link:

Friday, May 11th, 2018- 6:00 pm-11:00 pm- 21+ VIP Party
Saturday, May 12th, 2018- 12:00 pm-11:00 pm- Arts, Crafts & Cirque Show
Sunday, May 13th, 2018- 12:00-5:00 pm- Mother’s Day Arts & Crafts
Set Up/Break Down Shifts: Thursday, May 10th-Monday, May 14th, 2018
Location: Shasta District Fairgrounds
1890 Briggs St, Anderson, CA 96007
Cost: Children 9 & Under- FREE
3 Day-$20
2 Day- $15
1 Day- $10

The 8th Redding Fire Festival features cirque, fire dancing and pyrotechnics in our 2018 premier show “Storybook.”
Our all-ages festival hosts arts and crafts vendors, food, beer and wine, interactive art, children’s activities, demonstrations, flow and dance workshops (non-fire), music and a 21+ VIP party!

The theme of our featured performance is “storybook.” You are encouraged to wear a family-friendly costume that fits our "storybook" theme and to decorate your booth accordingly.
If you need ideas, please feel free to check out our Pinterest board:

-Volunteers will earn one (1) ticket for every two (2) hours volunteered. If earning multiple tickets, you may save your tickets for entry at future events.
-Details of the volunteer position, duties, and your schedule will be sent with your approval letter.
*Please note: Cancellations must be made prior to event day. If you miss your shift, you will no longer be eligible for volunteer placement at Redding Fire Festival.

*NOT SHOWING for your shift is VERY stressful for the event and the other volunteers that have to cover your shift. Please only sign up if you are available to complete your shift.

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Volunteer Positions
Set Up: Early morning crew responsible for loading, unloading, and placing festival set pieces, lighting, canopies, signs, caution tape, trash cans, and other large items.
*Some assembly may be required.
(Shifts on Thursday evening, 9 am-4 pm on Friday, 8 am-12 pm on Saturday)

Greeter: Greets the guests as they enter. Ensures that all guests have their admission bracelet on. Sends guests that do not have their admission bracelets to an admission booth. Gives directions to the restrooms, merchandise booth, etc.
(Shifts between 12-10 pm on Saturday, 12-4 pm on Sunday)

Chair Rental Distribution: Ensures guest contributes to the donation jar. Hands rented chairs to the guest. Informs the guest of the rental return area. Collects returned chairs as needed.
(Shifts between 12-10 pm on Saturday, 12-4 pm on Sunday)

Carnival Game Operator: Operates carnival game in Kid Zone. Collects 3 tickets from each participant. Hands the balls to the participant for their turn. Awards participants that get 2 out of 3 balls in the target with a prize. (Mermaid game does not include a prize.) Sets game back up.
(Shifts between 12-10 pm on Saturday, 12-4 pm on Sunday)

Litter Removal: Picks up trash inside the event grounds, including the restroom and immediately surrounding the event. Promotes "Leave No Trace" to the other guests.
(Shifts between 5 pm-11 pm on Saturday, 3-6 pm on Sunday)

Secret Shopper: This position is assigned a number of vendor booths to inspect and grade. It is important that this role is not identified as a volunteer to ensure an accurate experience.
*Must have a cell phone with internet access.
(Shifts between 1 pm-8 pm on Saturday)

Fire Safety: Aids the fire dancers in protecting themselves and others before, during, and after the fire performance. Extinguishes fire tools and any unintentional fires.
*Must pass the required safety test.
**Must attend the fire safety meeting.
(Shifts between 8-10 pm on Friday, 4 pm-11 pm on Saturday)

Break Down: Responsible for breaking down and loading all festival set pieces, lighting, canopies, signs, caution tape, and other large items.
(Shifts between 1 pm-4 pm on Saturday, 5 pm-8 pm on Sunday, and 12-8 pm on Monday)

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Are there any hours during the position shift hours that you are unavailable? What are they?
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