Petition: Equal Pay for Equal Work (UC Davis Summer Instructors)
There is a serious problem with UC Davis Summer Sessions.

A summer session course is supposed to be the equivalent of a course that happens during the normal academic year. Undergraduate students get full course credit, and they pay for a full course.

However, graduate students hired as instructors to teach these courses only get a fraction (about 2/3rds) of the pay they would get for teaching the same exact course during the normal academic year. Often, these graduate student instructors actually put in more in-class hours. In many situations courses that would normally have a Teaching Assistant don't, which puts more instructional and grading duties on these summer instructors who are making less than what they make during the normal academic year with a TA to assist them.

We demand that UC Davis recognize the amount of work that graduate student summer session instructors put into these courses, and that UC Davis compensate them as such - by paying them the amount they make for teaching the same course during the normal academic year.

We believe that this is is about the principle of "Equal Pay for Equal Work" - which is about fairness and justice.

We also believe that UC Davis is violating UC Regents Policy 1111: Policy on Statement of Ethical Values and Standards of Ethical Conduct.

The Statement of Ethical Values says that the university is committed to integrity, excellence, accountability, and respect.

The Standards of Ethical Conduct places Fair Dealing at #1 and Respect for Others at #3.

Taking advantage of graduate students by not paying them the recognized value of their labor and not recognizing how many hours they put into summer session courses shows a lack of integrity, accountability, respect, and fair dealing.

Graduate students make very little money, yet without their labor the university would cease to function. It is a shame that they struggle to pay rent and feed their families, while the tuition and fees that undergraduates pay for a summer course are siphoned off into other university coffers instead of paying the people who are performing the central function of the university - teaching.

We demand that UC Davis immediately change its policy on Summer Session pay for instructors and that the university pay back-pay to those who taught in summer session 1 or 2 of 2018, as requested in the grievance filed by UAW 2865.

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