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Have an idea for an event or class and want to host it at the Makerspace?
Fill out the following form and contact our events coordinator at to set it up!
You can use our Classroom space for most light-duty project-based workshops, and our other shop spaces for instruction related to them (e.g. welding in the Metal Shop, furniture building in the Wood Shop).

For guidance on how to structure a class, please see our Instructor's Handbook:

Please refer to our Instructor Syllabus Template as well for help developing your class:
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Please provide a detailed description of the event or class. Explain the objectives/specific skills covered, the finished product, learning outcomes, and any prerequisite knowledge or skills.
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Any tutorials, instructional videos, diagrams, web links, syllabus, or other information that might help attendees prepare for the event.
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Should they bring their own materials? Safety gear? Appropriate work clothing? Their smiling faces?
What is the cost per attendee? *
You will receive 50% of the cost, (not including material fees). A typical 3 hour course may cost between $35 and $100 per student. (PCMS will usually discount this rate by ~20% for members, at no cost to the instructor).
Are there any age restrictions? *
What is the age range for the event/class? Note, we do have a requirement to clear new workshops for kids under 18 using power tools with our insurance.
Cut and paste URLs for the pictures you would like us to use for marketing (or email them to Make sure that they are non-copyrighted and free-use. You are encouraged to use your own photos, or to choose from free stock photo galleries online.
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What resources will you need from the Makerspace? *
Will you be needing any extras; chairs, tables, storage, power, etc...
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Thank you! We will be in touch soon about your course. If you have any other concerns or additional info not addressed above, please add it here.
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