Thunderstudies Performance Request
Kaminari Taiko's Apprentice-level students perform at community events as the Thunderstudies. We provide these performances free of charge with the goal of sharing taiko more widely throughout our local community.

To request a Thunderstudies performance, please fill out this form. We are not able to accept every request. Requests will be evaluated approximately once a month based on how well they fit the following criteria:

- Located in the Houston area
- Educational or non-profit purpose
- Weekend dates strongly preferred
- Connection to arts and culture
- Opportunity to share taiko with a new or under-served audience

Date and Time of Performance *
Strong preference will be given to weekend dates. A Thunderstudies performance lasts 15-30 minutes.
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Description *
Please briefly describe your program/event.
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Event/Program Name *
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Audience *
Approximately how many people do you expect to attend the performance? Are they children, families, adults, seniors? Will the event be open to the public?
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Location/Performance Space *
Where will the performance take place? Please describe the space: Is it indoors or outdoors? How large is it? Our minimum requirement for the performance space (not including the audience) is 16' x 16'.
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Host Organization
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Fit *
Please describe how a taiko performance would fit in with other aspects of your program/event, including culture, music, or anything else you feel is relevant.
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Additional Notes/Comments
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