South Carolina Angel Investor Survey
We are gathering data from South Carolina angel investors regarding the impact and effectiveness of the South Carolina Angel Investor Tax Credit, which is scheduled to expire in 2019. Please help us by submitting your responses below by October 30. Thank you for your time and input!
Roughly how many angel investments have you made since 2013?
How many of those investments were made in South Carolina companies?
How many of the South Carolina companies you invested in were eligible for the SC Angel Investor Tax Credit?
For most of your investments in South Carolina companies, how important was the SC Angel Investor Tax Credit in your investment decision?
How important was the SC Angel Investor Tax Credit it determining how much you invested in eligible companies?
What is the typical size of your angel investment in a single company?
Eligible for SC Angel Tax Credit
Not eligible for SC Angel Tax Credit
up to $5000
In 2 of the last 3 years, the credits have been oversubscribed, resulting in investors receiving a credit of less than the full 35%. How much of a concern is that possibility when you make your investment?
Please offer any additional comments you would like to make regarding the SC Angel Investor Tax Credit.
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