How is COVID-19 and school closures impacting Title IX cases?
As more and more schools close their doors to stop the spread of COVID-19, Know Your IX is trying to gauge the response from schools that have suspended their academic programming on Title IX cases.  If your schools has made changes because of COVID-19 and you are currently going through a Title IX investigation or reporting process please fill out this form below. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at 
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Do you currently have a pending Title IX case?
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Do you currently receive accommodations or supportive measures through Title IX?
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What school do your currently attend? *
Has your school suspended in-person classes due to the coronavirus? *
If your school has suspended classes, when are they suspended until?
If your school has suspended classes are all students required to return home to continue classes or stay on campus and skype/zoom in?
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How did you find out that your school program was suspended?
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Did your school send out information regarding how they will respond to Title IX cases/reports and discrimination cases/reports during the suspension?
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If you have a Title IX case currently pending, has anyone from your school reached out to you regarding the process for the case during your school suspension?
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If your school has reached out to you about your Title IX case, how are the altering the process or timeline?
If you currently receive accommodations through Title IX, how are you accommodations being altered?
What resources do you believe would be helpful for survivors who cannot access on-campus resources during their school suspensions?
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