2018 SRJBS Donation Heifer Buyers Group - $100 Ticket Purchaser Form
This young heifer calf is still at the side of her dam. She will be weaned in late August. Her sire is breed powerhouse, TCF Rapid Reward 145Z3. Her dam, 518Y2, has a perfect calving record. She calved at 23 months of age; then on 2/19/2013; 2/10/2014; 4/3/2015; 3/2/2016; 2/2/2017; and 2/6/2018. 518F’s grand dam is both a summit cow and first generation female. This donation lot has mama cow written all over her. She can go into the show ring or into a cow herd.
This great heifer will be sold at the 2018 SBBA Female Sale, Lake City, Fl, on Sept. 22, 2018. All proceeds from this sale will go to support our Southeast Brangus Breeders Jr’s and the Southeast Regional Jr. Brangus Show. The Buyer Group presents a unique opportunity to support our Southeast Juniors and provides a chance of taking the female home and not be out a substantial amount of money. Participation in the Buyer Group is accomplished by a ranch, breeder, business or individual buying a ticket into the Buyer Group with a $100 donation. Anyone can make as many donations as they wish and each $100 donation will receive one ticket. The total of the donations collected will be the amount the Buyer Group will bid on the Donation Heifer. At the fall of the gavel, if the Buyer Group has the winning bid, all tickets will be put into a hat and a winning ticket will be chosen. The holder of the winning ticket will own the female at this point in time. The heifer must be removed from the barn on sale day or donated back for resale. No money will be collected at the time of the ticket sales, invoices will be sent out after the sale. Thanks so much for your support of our SBBA Jr’s. Please submit this form to: Kim Carter P.O. Box 1142, Haines City, Fl 33845 and email is raftercc@verizon.net
2018 SRJBS Donation Heifer By Town Creek Farm
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