[2019] Anarch Event Pre-Registration
This is your official one-stop form for everything pre-registration related.
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Hello! What is your Out of Character Name? *
Are you camping throughout the event? *
Please keep in mind that you will be asked to refrain from driving if you imbibe.
Meal Plan - Yes or No? *
Check as many as you plan to use. Meals are $7.50/ea, or $5/ea with pre-registration. Snacks and water will be available With Food Package. Unlimited drink package includes Sangria
Do you have any allergies or medical conditions/special needs that you would like the staff of the event to know about? *
If you have a food allergy, please contact bonnie.cyr@gmail.com in addition to noting it here.
Sheet Submission - send your sheet to Utrststaff@gmail.com *
Please tell us what Sect your character is a part of.
Sheet Submission - MULTIPLE PC'S ONLY
If you are playing multiple PC's, please tell us how many, the name(s) of the submitted sheets, and which Sects they are.
Car Registration *
Please provide your State, Plate #, Make, and Color of your vehicle for a car pass.
Transportation - Do you need it?
Do you need a ride to/from any transit/motel/area? Please be advised this is not guaranteed.
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Please tell if you have paid, and or if you are paying for multiple people. Make sure your name is here.
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