PVHS Student Clubs - Funds Request Form 2020-21
Who is eligible to apply for a funds request?
Any student organization which is recognized by PVHS and has an account in good standing with the PVHS Bookstore is eligible to apply to the PTO for support. Student clubs with affiliated booster groups (see list on website) should apply to their booster group for the funds first before coming to the PTO-Booster Club and include their booster group’s response in their funds request.

What can the funds be used for?
It is the intent of the PTO to support student organizations in fulfilling their missions. You are welcome to make any request approved by the officers of your club and by your club advisor. The PTO is more inclined to fund requests of a capital/more lasting nature; typically, the PTO tends NOT to fund requests for parties, food, t-shirts, travel and meals to competitions, or other items not specifically related to the mission of the club. Feel free to contact the PTO at paradisevalleyhs.pto@gmail.com if you have questions about the nature of your request.

How much can a club request?
Fund requests are limited to $500 per club, per year.

How does a club make a request?
Complete the STUDENT CLUBS - FUNDS REQUEST FORM - either using the electronic form below or email a scanned copy to paradisevalleyhs.pto@gmail.com.
Please note the following:
*At least one student from the organization must attend a PTO meeting to present the fund request and to answer questions from PTO members. Please prepare a 2-3 minute presentation. Enter the date of the PTO meeting at which you want to present on the request form. Dates can be found on the PTO website (http://www.paradisevalleypto.org/calendar.html). Requests must be submitted at least 10 days prior to meeting presentation date.
*Be as specific as possible when outlining the explanation of amount requested, including an explanation of cost items and how they were calculated.
*Upon award, the funds will be deposited in the student club account in the Bookstore by the PTO Treasurer. This procedure will be used even if the student club has an affiliated booster group; no awards under this program can be deposited in booster accounts.

What is the Final Report?
Upon grant of funds request and completion of project, the student organization will need to submit a written final report. A final report detailing how the funds were used, including receipts must be submitted no later than May 1 of the current school year (unless an exception has been granted by the PTO due to the timing of the funded request). The final report form can be found on the PTO website. Please complete the form online. If preferred, the final report can be made in the form of a presentation at a PTO meeting. Contact the PTO President at paradisevalleyhs.pto@gmail.com if you would like to give a presentation.
Email address *
Date of Request *
Amount of Request *
Name of Student Club/Organization *
Mission/Purpose of the Club/Organization *
Current Membership of the Club (# of students) *
Name of Student Representative making the request *
Email of Student Representative *
The student officers of the club have approved the submission of this request. *
Name of Teacher Sponsor *
Email of Teacher Sponsor *
The sponsor of the club has approved the submission of this request. *
Date presenting to the PTO *
It is required that at least one student representative from the club present the request at a PTO meeting.
Reason for Funds Request *
Please briefly describe the goal/purpose of the request.
Explanation of Amount Requested *
Please provide details of cost calculation/source of materials
Other Fundraising Efforts *
Please briefly describe other efforts that have been made to raise funds for this request.
Is your club affiliated with a parent booster group? *
If you answered yes to the previous question, please describe the booster group's response to this funding request.
By submitting this request, I (the student representative) understand that I am responsible for submitting a final report no later than May 1 of the school year in which the grant was awarded. *
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