Physical Activity Questionnaire.
Hamilton Grammar School Pupils.
Name of Pupil. *
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Registration Class. *
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Do you participate in sport and/or physical activity? *
Are you a member of a sports club, dance group and/or gym? *
If you answered yes to the above question, what is the name of the club/group/gym? No limit to answer, please give information on each individual activity.
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How often do you participate in these activities?
How confident do you feel when participating in sport/physical activity?
Not confident whatsoever.
Extremely confident.
Do you enjoy being physically active?
Why do you take part in sport/physical activity?
Do you feel you have opportunities to participate in sport within school? (Not including P.E) *
None Whatsoever.
Are you aware of the current opportunities the school has to participate in sport/physical activity outside of P.E?
What would you like to see delivered at lunchtime or after school, that you would be interested in attending?
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When would you prefer to take part in school sports clubs?
Have you heard of Lawn Bowls before? *
Do you or anyone else in your family currently play the sport?
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If not, is it something you would be interested in trying?
Reasons why you would/wouldn't be interested? *
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