Cannabis international review: Global specialists participation in the WHO 2018 data collection.
In 2018 for the first time, the World Health Organization (WHO) is going to evaluate the medical usefulness and harms of Cannabis, and recommend the suitable classification to be applied within the narcotics schedules.
A joint-NGOs working group has been pushing for an objective assessment that recognizes Cannabis as an efficient, safe and profitable medicine for many medical ailments.

The window for civil society involvement is very narrow. The main way of participating is by collecting series of data that will serve as a basis to evaluate the potential harms and medical effects of cannabis in the world nowadays, and hopefully change the current scope of control on cannabis and its derivatives.

This form is aimed at gathering, in every country, all experts and stakeholders able to gather objective and up-to-date data about the legal and illicit uses of Cannabis in their own country. Data will afterwards be compiled by our team and transmitted to the WHO.

We ask you to tell us shortly about your personal profile, as well as about the fields in which you could share your expertise about Cannabis in your country.

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Note that all domains are to be considered under a national frame, and expertise is asked on national data related to each topic.

If you know about specialists and experts in fields that you would not check, please send them to this form using the following link:

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The information compiled in this form is exclusively headed to the fulfilment of the Global specialists participation in the WHO 2018 data collection for Cannabis international review, and will be monitored by the Association FAAAT (FAAAT think & do tank, a Paris-registered non-profit and non-governmental organization. Declaration nºW751233143, SIRET nº82221301300011) in accordance with the French Legislation on Informatics and Liberties of the 6th January 1978 as of 31st December 2017. You can access, correct or withdraw your data by contacting us at

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