EHC members questions on COVID-19 /Задавайте нам вопросы о COVID-19
This form is destined for members of the European Haemophilia Consortium (EHC), a European umbrella patient organisation for people with rare bleeding disorders. Please write here below your questions on COVID-19 and bleeding disorders. Once we have collected a sufficient number of questions, the EHC will organise a virtual community call with scientific and medical experts to answer your questions to the best of theirs ability. For any further information on this initiative, please reach out to
Please state which EHC member organisation you are affiliated with / Укажите к какой НЧО Вы относитесь *
Please tell us your first and last name / Ваше имя *
Please give us your email address (this will be used if we need clarifications regarding your question)/ Ваш электронный адрес (для обратной связи, при необходимости) *
Please write here below your question concerning COVID-19 (e.g. treatment, prevention, management, etc.) / Ваш вопрос относительно COVID-19 (лечение, меры предосторожности, последствия, итд) *
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