PDA / SC Vistula Registration Form - Season 2022/2023
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PDA / SC Vistula – 2022/23 fees (number of practices per season Fall / Winter / Spring)

  • PDA / SC Vistula 2007 Lewandowski - $2450  (2/3/4)
  • PDA / SC Vistula 2008 Zielinski - $2550 (4/3/4)
  • PDA / SC Vistula 2009, 2010 Boys - $1900 (3/2/3)
  • PDA / SC Vistula 2011, 2012 Boys - $1900 (3/2/3)
  • SC Vistula 2007, 2008 Boys - $1350 (2/2/3) – if teams practice only winter and spring the fee will be $1175
  • SC Vistula 2009, 2010 Boys - $1750 (3/2/3)
  • SC Vistula 2011, 2012 Boys - $1700 (3/2/3)
  • SC Vistula 2013, 2014 Boys - $1635 (3/2/3)
  • SC Vistula 2015, 2016, 2017 Boys – (2/2/2) - $1275
  • PDA / SC Vistula 2010 Girls - $1760 (3/2/3)
  • PDA / SC Vistula 2011, 2012 Girls - $1700 (3/2/3)
  • PDA / SC Vistula 2013, 2014 Girls - $1635 (3/2/3)
  • PDA / SC Vistula 2015, 2016, 2017 Girls – (2/2/2) - $1275

Payment schedule is as follows:

  • 50% deposit – at the time of registration
  • The Balance of the payments must be paid by September 15, 2022
  • Balance can be paid in full at any time

Family discounts - $100 for 2nd child / $150 for 3rd and next child.

Registration starts on Jun 12, 2022 and will become open until Jun 16, 2022. Please note that the registration is not valid without a payment. Upon completion of the registration you will receive and email confirming the submission of your form (generated automatically). You can pay by mailing your check to SC Vistula, 73 Main Street, Garfield, NJ 07026 or by PayPal (please add 4% handling fee) or by Cashapp - $SCVistulaSoccerplex. Once we receive your payment your application process will be completed. SC Vistula reserved a right to deny registration to any applicant based on the roster limitation, coaches or Board decision. Should your application not be accepted, you will be notified in writing. Applications received after Jun 25, 2022 are subject to $100 late fee and are only accepted on space available basis.

Cancelation fees (if parents decides not to complete the season after registration:

  • By Jun 30, 2022 – full refund less $50 administration fees
  • From Jul 1 to Aug 15, 2022 – 50% of the registration fees
  • After Aug 16, 2022 – no refunds


Included in your registration fees:

  • League Registration Fees (Fall and Spring seasons)
  • Training (3x a week Fall and Spring and 2x week Winter) including Field Costs
  • Referee Fees
  • Insurance Costs
  • Goalkeeper Training 
  • Tournament fees – one in Fall season and one in Spring season (only for Elite Teams)
  • First aid training and equipment for the coaches
  • Coaches seminars and training
  • Training equipment
  • Parents lectures & meetings
  • Pulaski Parade & Christmas party and gifts for the kids
  • US Soccer Insurance


  • Jun 25, 2022 – registration deadline
  • Spring Season - 14 weeks starting on Aug 15, 2022
  • Winter Season - 10 weeks starting on Jan 9, 2023
  • Spring Season – 14 weeks starting on Mar 20, 2023

We understand that SC Vistula Garfield provides premiere level competition and requires a more serious commitment from both the child and the parent(s). This includes making a commitment to attend all practices and games. Although the club strives to provide equal playing time, during these crucial developmental years, attendance at practices and games will affect playing time. Repeated unexcused absences from games or practices will lead to a suspension from the team and possible dismissal from the club.


For each practice the child must be prepared to practice; which means arriving 10 minutes prior to the start of practice with proper practice attire, ball and water only (there is to be no juice or food brought to practice or games). If a child has to miss a practice or a game, the coach must be notified as early as possible, at least 24 hours prior unless it is an emergency. Any practice or game missed without notification of the coach will be an unexcused absence.


For any age group there might be multiple teams and it is the decision of the coaches as to what team any child is selected to play for. Once the child is placed on a select team the decision is final and parents must respect and abide by the decision. During the course of any given season(s) the child’s performance can allow the child to be moved to another team at the discretion of both affected coaches. Parents cannot approach any coach about their child playing or practicing with another team and the child can face a suspension or dismissal from the club for a parent doing so. There is a long term development plan for the club’s players and teams are arranged to provide the best possible development of each child, team and club as a whole.


With respect to games, it is understood that children must be at each and every game and arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to a game ready to play in proper game attire. What positions a child plays and how much playing time a child has are at the coach’s discretion and in accordance with both the club and US Soccer guidelines. During a game a parent is not allowed to “coach” from the sidelines or belittle the referees or other team, including its fans. Parent coaching only creates confusion for the child and most times can be contradictory to the instructions of the coach. Repeated offenses will affect your child’s playing time and lead to a suspension from the team or dismissal form the club. 


At SC Vistula we have a 24 hour rule. No parent is to approach a coach about a game directly after the game. A time must be arranged with the coach for no sooner than 24 hours after a game for any discussion. This is in the best interest of everyone involved and avoids unnecessary heat of the moment conflict.


We (I) the parent(s) of the above named player, hereby give our (my) approval for said player to participate in any and all activities of the program by the Vistula Soccer Club, during the current season. I certify that the above named player is in good physical and mental health, and that no physician has advised against said player's participation in any active program during this current season. We (I) assume all risks and hazards incidental to such participation and we (I) hereby waive, release, absolve, and agree to indemnify and hold blameless the Vistula Soccer Club, and all individuals associated with or aiding it in any manner for any claims arising from any such activities, including transportation to and from games, except to the extent and in the amount covered by any medical, accident, and/or liability insurance maintained by or for the Vistula Soccer Club

Thank you for your interest in PDA / SCVistula. 
We will be in touch shortly!

Sam Nellins - Director of Coaching 
Darren Marshall - Girls Director of Coaching 
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