Help design the DLF Liberal Arts Colleges/HBCUs Pre-Conference!
Attending on October 22nd? The HBCU Library Alliance and Digital Library Federation need your help! Please respond to this survey by Monday, October 16th.

Because the DLF Liberal Arts Colleges/HBCUs Pre-Conference is an unconference -- a grassroots, conversation-based event without predetermined presentations -- we need your input on session topics! The final program will be determined by all participants via dot-voting over breakfast on October 22.

Sessions could focus on: digital pedagogy; the co-creation and curation of more culturally diverse and aware digital humanities collections; building and using open educational resources; teaching information literacy; reaching diverse and differentiated learners with digital library platforms and programs; designing new opportunities for students to shape collections and interpret digital library content; and more.

We encourage sessions that ask participants to creatively, collaboratively, and critically consider the how digital libraries might better represent diverse communities and experiences; discuss the resources and environments essential to inspire and sustain future librarians from underrepresented groups; make plans for community-based work; and help set the direction for future DLF Liberal Arts/HBCU Library Alliance partnerships and initiatives.

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