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Please use this form to sign up for auditions for the Dodgen Pops, an auditioned ensemble for 2019-2020!
The mission of the Dodgen Pops is to provide entertainment-oriented music in our school and community. For example, this past year we played at East Cobb Park, the Georgia Aquarium, and Dodgen (of course)!

There are two schedule factors to keep in mind. Rehearsals are planned for Thursday mornings at 8:00 AM. Students who are unavailable Thursday mornings should not audition. Also, the community events that invite us to perform are occasionally on Saturday or Sunday afternoons. For example last year our East Cobb Park performance was on a Sunday evening in December. I anticipate a similar situation next year. Not every member is able to attend every performance, but please keep these scheduling factors in mind as you decide whether this will fit your family schedule.

The group will have the instrumentation of a regular concert band, just smaller, so all instruments are welcome to audition! Each rehearsal is considered part of the audition process, so attendance is important. Students should come to all 5 rehearsals unless they have a serious conflict. We will rehearse the audition material for the first two, then a combination of rehearsing and hearing individuals play for the remaining rehearsals.
The rehearsal schedule is as follows:

Thursday, May 2nd, 8:00-8:45
Tuesday, May 7th, 8:00-8:45
Thursday, May 9th, 8:00-8:45
Tuesday, May 14th, 8:00-8:45
Thursday, May 16th, 8:00-8:45

Like all morning ensembles, students should arrive at the bus port entrance by 7:55. If arriving late, nobody will be available to let them in, and they will need to report to the front entrance. This will cause them to miss most of rehearsal.

Membership should be decided by the end of the day on Friday, May 17th. Membership will be based on the students' performance in the five rehearsals.

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