Community Advisory Committee Parent Survey
This is a survey for parents of students receiving special education service. Your response will help guide efforts to improve services and results for children and families. This will help us plan for workshops and activities to assist families of students with special needs. In responding to each statement, think about your experience and your child's experience with special education over the past year/current year.
School District
School and Grade Level
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I am considered an equal partner with teachers and other professionals in planning my child's program.
My concerns and recommendations were documented on the IEP.
Special Education Services are helping my child to progress.
School staff encourage me to participate in the decision-making .
School staff encourage me to participate in the decision-making .
School staff help me understand the Procedural Safeguards.
Special education staff communicate regularly with me about my child's progress on IEP goals.
Special education staff explain what parents can do if they disagree with a placement or service.
Special education teachers make accommodations and modifications as indicated on my child's IEP.
I know what accommodations/modifications are implemented for my child
I know who provides all the services listed on my child's IEP.
I am satisfied with my child's IEP goals and educational services.
Transitions are well planned as my child moves from one grade level to another.
I would like to attend seminars in the following content areas:
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