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Thank you for your interest in coming to the native nations march on DC! If you are a tribal rep or are coordinating mass transportation (bus and/or caravan) for your tribe’s citizens, please use the following form. We would like to keep track of who's coming and make sure your presence is noted in DC!
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Note: March organizers and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe are requesting that tribally supported groups or delegations or individuals traveling to the Native Nations March on DC handle their own housing accommodations. Please make the appropriate arrangements for your delegation. *exceptions are Native Nations March-organized buses.
Have you already made arrangements for lodging?
NOTE: There will be a tipi camp on the National mall from March 7th-10th, at the Washington Monument. This camp will feature three days of programming and discussions focused on national Indigenous movement strategies and frameworks. March 7th and 8th have also been designated as “Lobby Days”, where tribal reps will be taking to the offices of their legislative representatives to talk about key issues affecting their communities.
**No overnight camping is allowed in tipi camp. It is a symbolic day camp only.**
Is your delegation interested in joining the lobby days happening from the 7th - 10th?
Does your delegation have any special needs or requests?
Does your delegation plan to have it’s own contingent in the march?
Are there any special guests in your delegation that we need to be aware of? (Spiritual leaders, decorated veterans, key spokespeople, etc) Please list names, alphabetically.
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NOTE: thank you for filling out this form! Someone from the Organizing Committee will be reaching out to you within the next few days!
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