The Dropped Guild Application
Hey there! Ilyfecu here I see that you are interested in applying for our bedwars competitive guild! Answer the questions below and give us some way to contact you after you are done applying. Best Wishes And Good Luck!
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Do you meet the requirements? 100+ bedwars stars, 2000+ wins, 2+ fkdr.
What game do you main?
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Do you know how to do the butterfly defence in bedwars?
Can you speedbridge or fast bridge?
Are you good at bridge pvp? Ex. You are on a bridge and then get hit off or you are on a bridge kill someone and still are on it.
Do you fall often while bridging?
On a scale of 1 to 10 rate yourself at pvp
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How often do you play?
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Why do you want to join the guild? And do you know anyone in the guild?
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Additional Info you would like to add
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Minecraft IGN
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Some way to contact you about your app. Ex. Discord, or Teamspeak. Note: do not change your username within a month. If so please tell us it. Ex: ilyfecu#7810
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Do you have any good notable stats in any other games?
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Are you in any divisions in duels/skywars? If so you may be eligible to join our duels gvg team. If so click yes.
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