Galena Public Library Strategic Plan
This is the first step in gathering community input in order to create a five year strategic plan for the Galena Public Library.

We appreciate your time. Thank you!
What is your age range?
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Highest education attained:
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What is your primary language?
Do you have internet at home?
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If yes, is your connection reliable?
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What internet-capable devices do you use?
Do you have a library card?
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How often do you use your library?
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How do you use your library?
What physical services do you use?
How do you use the library's physical space?
What digital services do you use?
If you use the library website, do you find it easy to use?
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If you said, no, what improvements do you suggest?
What services did you use during the pandemic?
Virtual Events
Digital Collections
Youtube Channel
Online New Item Forms
PrairieCat Card Catalog
Emailed holds
How would you prefer to participate in future events?
What does your library do well?
What does your library need to improve?
What is your library missing?
What learning opportunities would you like to see?
What recreational opportunities would you like to see?
What cultural opportunities would you like to see?
Would you like to be involved in our upcoming focus group sessions? If so, please provide an email or phone number.
What are the best ways we can inform you of library news?
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