Waste Basket Toss
This challenge will begin on Monday 25th January

You will need a team of 10 students to play with each student allowed to throw 5 attempts in each round.

Each student will need a waste paper basket and a pair of socks rolled into a ball. (If playing in person then you can share the equipment with members of your team)

Place a waste paper basket on the floor, then measure 3 arm widths (arms outstretched to each side. one arm width is from point of the middle finger on the left hand to the other point of the middle finger on the right hand. * If a player has impairments prohibiting this movement please make adjustments to this requirement to suit their individual needs).

A line or marker should be placed at the point of 3 arm widths from the basket which becomes the line to toss the socks from.

Each successful basket is worth 1 point. (for a maximum total of 5 per player in each round)

Add up the total score for the 10 students for that round and place this in the column of the round you are up to in the tournament.

Remind students that we play by the spirit of the game where honesty rules everything.  

Teams will play 7 rounds each. Their scores are matched with other teams from around the world and then a win, loss, or draw is declared automatically.

Finals will follow the completion of the round-robin draw.

FOR MORE INFORMATION GO TO: https://www.mrhairphysed.com/e-challenge.html

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How to play
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