City of Weldon Spring Communication Survey
The City of Weldon Spring is conducting this survey to gain residents impressions of the city's communications. Communications relates to Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), the City Website, the Quarterly Newsletter, and other like forms of media.
This survey is confidential, any personal information will not be shared.
Answer all questions honestly. Thank you for your participation and opinions.
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Are you a resident of Weldon Spring?
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On which device do you access the internet most?
What Social Media websites do you use most? (Pick 3)
Do you agree with this statement: The city does do a good job of communicating with residents.
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How do you receive information from the city most? (Pick 2)
Which best describes your impression of the communications of Weldon Spring?
What information would you like to hear about from Weldon Spring
How much of the Weldon Spring newsletter do you read?
Overall, how satisfied are you with the communications of Weldon Spring?
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Very Satisfied
Do you have any recommendations for our communications?
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