2019 Mentorship Application, Open Dreams Pre-Scholars
This mentorship program is designed for those who have at least 20 points at the GCE (5 papers) or 18 points (4 papers), because with such points, a student is more likely to succeed in this program. Congratulations on your excellent performance if your score meet the requirements above. You are ineligible if you do not have the required points, though you may receive coaching on applying for studies abroad, but there are privileges that you might not be entitled to, if you get into the program. Provide honest answers. The process is rigorous and long - typically a year. Those  interested in studying Medicine are advised to stay and study in Cameroon or might well submit an application here with the readiness to study medicine in China, Turkey, Russia, Tunisia under scholarship programs in those countries or to follow the long and uncertain path of in the USA, which has to begin with a 4 year undergraduate degree, passing the MCAT etc.  For those who intend to study engineering and many other programs outside medicine, get to work straight away, as the process will likely be less bumpy for you. While you are part of this venture, you are advised to apply to local universities in Cameroon as well.  The official safe deadline for applications to this mentorship program is September 30th, 2019
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In which town in Cameroon do you live? *
In which village or city where you born in Cameroon? *
List two programs in order of preference that you want to study at the undergraduate level *
List three countries in order of preference you will be very comfortable studying in *
Do you have any relative in any of the countries listed above? *
Before getting to know about Open Dreams, did you have any plans of studying abroad? *
Increasingly, many organizations which provide money for scholarships are shifting their attention from the USA, Canada etc to Africa - if your points at the GCE are not good enough for you to obtain a scholarship to the USA, Canada, Europe etc, will you be glad to study in an African country like South Africa, Ghana, Botswana, Morocco, Tunisia etc on a full scholarship? *
How bilingual are you? *
What was your Grade in the English Language at the Ordinary Level ? *
How good on the computer keyboard are you? (1 is beginner, 5 is advanced user) *
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Why do you want to study abroad? *
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There is a chance that you might not get a scholarship - what other alternative plans do you have? *
List what each of your parents do for a living and the town in which each of them lives *
Does your family own a car? *
Which of your parents or guardians can we collaborate with in our work? List his/her name and email or phone contact *
How many siblings do you have? List their first names and what they do for the moment *
Which religion do you affiliate with? *
What community challenge do you want to devote your life working to overcome in Cameroon? *
Should you study abroad, would you like to return to Cameroon to improve the country or remain in the diaspora? *
Are you ready to be an active member of the Open Dreams Alumni Network and commit to supporting the NGO regularly to enable us reach out to more deserving students like you? *
How did you learn about Open Dreams? If you were referred by a teacher or a friend, please, list his or her name *
We usually work with one or two of your teachers in the field. List the name, phone number and email address of at least one teacher we can easily reach out to for a letter of recommendation *
Do you have any disability or sensitivities?
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Is there some extra-curricular activity you are very good at? It could be athletic, dancing, singing etc
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After going through the Open Dreams website and maybe the blog posts, list the names of three Open Dreams Scholars *
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Have you already taken the TOEFL Test? *
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What is your Skype ID?
Are you ready to be generous with knowledge, ideas and to actively contribute in areas where you are competent?
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Do you have a valid National ID Card?
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