ARK Sponsored Mod Program
The Sponsored Mod Program aims to provide support for high quality mod projects that are actively in development in the hopes that they will reach a polished, stable, and functionally complete state.

Every other month, a submission period will open for five weeks, allowing interested mod authors to submit applications for their projects. Applications will be reviewed and selected from by staff of Studio Wildcard.
A limited number of slots will be available for each submission period.

Projects must be:
      Publicly available and playable
      Owned by the applicant
      Freely available. Projects cannot have any kind of paywall or content restriction behind a monetary exchange.
      Must not implement player bans that are not related to a 3rd party server (e.g. external service database)

(Must be 18 years of age or older)
Application Form
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Design Document *
Please copy & paste your design document in plain text format. Your design document should outline your plans for the project for up to a year of development time. (Markdown is preferred for formatting, but not required. A link to an external document is also acceptable.)
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