Good Neighbor Program Community Input Survey
The Good Neighbor Program (GNP) operates in and around the airport with the mission to do all the good we can, in all the ways we can. Please give us your thoughts and ideas to help us be a good neighbor.
Below are the highest-rated GNP priorities from the community, are they still your top three? 1.) Landscape/Signage 2.) Pedestrian connection 3.) Buffers/Fencing. If not, please provide in "other..."
Overall, how would you rate the GNP?
One of the goals of the GNP is to create an inclusive environment with communities surrounding the Dallas Love Field Airport. What could help the GNP be a better neighbor in the community?
Your answer
How did you find out about the GNP?
We need people like you to help us continue to raise awareness about the GNP to achieve our goals. What are some ways to spread the word about the GNP in the community?
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Community engagement is a top priority of the GNP and we are always looking for ways to engage with the community. What would you like to see incorporated into the GNP efforts as we move forward?
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What would you like to hear more about during community update meetings?
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Do you plan to attend future GNP community update meetings?
Why, or why not?
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Do you prefer for meetings to be held at the same location, or rotated within surrounding communities?
What community do you live in?
Please share any additional comments or suggestions.
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