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If you've ever felt that it's so much easier to do it alone, if you've dreaded your partner getting involved in a parenting moment - or if you've had deep-seated doubts that you chose the right person to be the other parent of your children - you are not alone.

One of the biggest and most important topics I get asked about (and struggle with myself) is finding peacefulness in the parental relationship too. I think we all feel the vitality and importance of a healthy parental relationship, yet many of us are stunted in how to go about achieving it. We feel triggered, irritated, infuriated and sometimes depressed and despondent at the parent our partner is turning out to be. And we're helpless in changing the situation. No amount of conversation, pleading or control seems to make it better and we're left wondering - is this all there is? Is this as good as it gets?

Introducing - "Parent in Love" - the only self study course designed for peaceful parents like you who want to become Peaceful Partners.

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In filling out the following, you will help me to ensure that the topics covered in the course are tailor made to answer your pain points on this topic. I'm eternally grateful to you for being part of the "Parent in Love" creation process.

For the purpose of this survey and course, I will refer to your significant other as "Partner" - this is to include committed relationships and marriage (of any sexual orientation).

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What's challenging you the most right now in your relationship with your partner? *
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How would you evaluate your relationship satisfaction, overall? *
Very low. We're disconnected and no longer feel any attraction or spark. We're like roommates who constantly bicker. I can't remember why we're together anymore.
Very high! We're able to successfully navigate the occasional disagreement, we're generally on each other's team and each other's closest friend and support. We still feel passionately connected most of the time.
If you enroll in "Parent in Love", will your partner likely to take this course with you (provided the timing was not an issue) or would you be taking it alone? *
On a scale of one to five - how aligned are you and your partner on parenting issues? *
Not at all. We have completely different, and conflicting, ideas about how to handle situations.
Completely. We have a shared vision and believe in the same approach almost always.
In a few words, please describe one sample scenario that causes you the biggest distress when it comes to parenting with your partner.
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For "Parent In Love" to be a raving success, what would need to happen by the end of it? *
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What format would be most helpful for you? (tick all that apply) *
Assuming a six month course, how much time, weekly, would you invest in your relationship's health, through the "Parent In Love" course? *
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